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Honda CBR 600 F4 `99-`00 and F4i `04-06 Fender Eliminator Kit

Fits 1999, 2000 F4 and 2004-2006 F4i

This item usually takes about 1 to 2 days to ship
Item no.1H603

Retail: $139.95(PLUS shipping)

Application Chart Diagrams Application
1999 Honda CBR 600 F4
2000 Honda CBR 600 F4
2004 Honda CBR 600 F4i
2005 Honda CBR 600 F4i
2006 Honda CBR 600 F4i
 other options:
Matching Front Signal Kit 4
WARNING: Laws concerning this product vary from state/province to state/province. Your state/province may prohibit its use on public roads or restrict its use to novelty, show use, off-road areas, or race facility areas only. In some states/provinces off-road uses are also prohibited. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state/provincial and local/municipal laws and regulations.
The Q&A on this Product
QUESTION:  I have 99 honda cbr600f4. i just bought a new LED integrated tail light,. the package i receved also had two little white boxes. i assume these are the relays.. i did not get any directions with this and want to know how to hook everything up. can you help?
QUESTION:  Do you sell a seat kit as well 2 get rid of the banna seat?
ANSWER:  No...... look for a 01-02 F4i tail and subframe on ebay.
QUESTION:  I bought a 2000 cbr 600 f4 and the person that i bought it from tried to hook up an integrated tail light. He was successful other than the rear turn signals didn't work. I did manage to figure out the wiring but with the turn signals hooked up they stay on instead of the running light, but when I turn on the blinker it blinks yellow then red but when turned off it goes back to yellow not red. I was told that it may need some kind of resistor or relay.If so what is needed?
ANSWER:  call the manufacturer of the tail light.
QUESTION:  I have a 2000 CBR 600 F4 and i want a kit where my directionals are in my tail light. Is it possible with this kit??
ANSWER:  yes....... but your actually looking for an "integrated tail light"
QUESTION:  i have an 05 F4i. i am going to buy the tsil light with the turn signals built in them. will this still work with out the rear turn signal?
ANSWER:  Yes. Simple leave the signal brackets off.
QUESTION:  i have a 2006 honda cbr600f4i and i want to put this kit on my bike, where will the license plate b after? Will i have to get a swing arm license plate mount for it? Also I was wonder if it is possible to make my bike from a one seat two a two piece seat and if so how?
ANSWER:  The plate is between the turnsignals.......
QUESTION:  I have a 99 cbr 600f4 and i want to eliminate the orginal turn signals with ones not so bulky and also get rid of the orginal license plate mount and make that smaller is this what i need to do that.
ANSWER:  get this FE kit and two sets of short stalk signals
QUESTION:  Will this work for a 1999 cbr 600 fx?
ANSWER:  never heard of an fx......
QUESTION:  i want to install a fender elim kit on my 04 cbr f4i,what color lens are available,and what do the front lights look like,and can i get the same colors
ANSWER:  Retains stock lighting....
QUESTION:  Anyone ever put this kit on a 1989 CBR600 F1? I have seen many people convert the tails on their 1989 to 2005, but is this the right piece?
ANSWER:  this is a fender eliminator kit. for what you want you'll need to by a whole tail section. try ebay
QUESTION:  How far back do we have to cut the plastic? Will the kit install directly under the tail light? I have a 05 CBR600F4i, thanks...
ANSWER:  about 8 inches......yes
QUESTION:  If I cut just behind the stock j hooks/attachment hooks, can I retain those and still attach the eliminator kit properly or will leaving just that part of the stock plastic interfer with installation?
ANSWER:  good ???? don't know
QUESTION:  i have a 2006 f4i if i get this does it coe with a light for the license plate
ANSWER:  no it retains the stock one
QUESTION:  With the modification/removal of part of the plastic rear fender, do you recommend adding a tire hugger after removing part of the rear fender for the '06 CBR600 F4i?
ANSWER:  Basically all a tire hugger does is keep the shock clean.... removing the rear fender won't effect that.
QUESTION:  I am installing a fender emiminator kit on a 02 CBR 600 F4I. I know the lock goes underneath by the liscense plate but where do you mound the little bracket that holds the cable into place? How does the lock stay in place?
ANSWER:  Contact Comp Werkes
QUESTION:  just wondered if this would work on a c.b.r 600f t reg 1999? and is it easy to fit?
ANSWER:  never heard of an "ft"......... but if its a 99 CBR600 it'll work
QUESTION:  Does this kit eliminate the lock leaving just the cable to remove the seat or is the seat still removed by using a key?
ANSWER:  Retains the stock lock (new location)
QUESTION:  do i remove the whole plastic blak fender or do i have to cut it
ANSWER:  its a cut
QUESTION:  I'd like to get a copy of the instrucion manual before I order one. Just wanna make sure that I can install it myself. Will that be possible?
ANSWER:  contact comp werkes
QUESTION:  My stock blinkers on my 06 600 F4i are located on the side of the licence plate bracket that is going to be eliminated and I going to have to relocate them to the fender?
ANSWER:  relocates onto the kit.
QUESTION:  Where can I find a 01-03 f4i subframe and tail section for my 2000 cbr600f4?
ANSWER:  EBay or Honda
QUESTION:  i have an 06 cbr F4i i noticed u were talking about a kit (1H603) where can i find this, and how much does this cost?
ANSWER:  this is it.
QUESTION:  I just bought an 06' F4i the one with the solid one piece seat. will this kit work on my bike also.??
ANSWER:  yes
QUESTION:  can u send me a pic of what the 1h603 looks like from the rear?
ANSWER:  You might check Comp Werkes site.
QUESTION:  Does this kit work on a 06 F4i
ANSWER:  yes
QUESTION:  I have a cbr 600f4 (1999).what do i need to convert my long seat to a short single seat ?
ANSWER:  The easiest way....Buy a 01-03 F4i subframe, tailsection, and seats. It will bolt right on. (try Ebay)
ANSWER:  You need a 01-03 F4i subframe and tail section. It should bolt right on.
QUESTION:  does it work on a honda 03 f4i
ANSWER:  no, try the 1H604
QUESTION:  Where is the lock relocated too and does it require any drilling?
ANSWER:  It's relocated to the back side of the plate flush to the bottom. The black plastic will need to be cut for this kit, but all cuts will be concealed within the kit.
QUESTION:  Does this kit have a space for the license plate?
ANSWER:  yes
QUESTION:  my 04 f4i is lowered three inches in the rear will i still have clearance with this kit
ANSWER:  As long as your swing arm is not lengthened.
QUESTION:  Doed the kit allow room for the key for the seat lock? Does it relocate it?
ANSWER:  Yes it relocates the stock locking mechanism
QUESTION:  Is there any wire cutting or modifying at all? Is all the wiring, Stock, work with this kit? Thanks 04'F4i
ANSWER:  Doesn't effect the wiring (all stock)
QUESTION:  After installing the kit, can the bike be reverted to "stock" condition? I have been told the trade in value may decrease for a bike that is not "stock". Also, how does it look from the rear? I tried to find the picture you mentioned (yello w on comp werkes site0 but couldn't fid it. Thanks.
ANSWER:  you can not go back to stock. i really doubt it would effect trade in as this is the first option everyone adds.
QUESTION:  Hi. Are you still left with a small pocket of space to utilize beneath the seat or is the bottom of the seat exposed to the tire?
ANSWER:  about 90%
QUESTION:  This kit (1H603) asks me to un bolt and remove the Steel crosss member that the seatlatch is on but, on the 04 its welded not bolted? Is this a typo or am I missreading?
ANSWER:  Neither. You simply recieved an older kit (with old instructions) The kit will fit just fine there are just a couple of steps that don't apply.
QUESTION:  Do i need to purchase blinkers or does it use my stock?will my liscense plate have a light over it?
ANSWER:  Retain stock signals. Yes you will have a lic light.
QUESTION:  I just bought an '05. Will this work?
QUESTION:  is it really compatible with the 04 F4i, just want to make sure it's not a typo before buying
ANSWER:  Yes, Honda reverted back to the f4 tail section so as not to compete with the 600rr. It's NOT a typo.
QUESTION:  Can you send a rear pic of a CBR600F4 with this kit on it?
ANSWER:  Theres a yellow one on comp werkes site.
QUESTION:  is this easy to install or will i have to bring it to a mechanic .....does it come with instructions????????? i have a cbr f4i 2004
ANSWER:  It's designed so the average guy should be able to install it, using minimal tools. Give yourself a couple of hours, and take your time. If you have any questions the instructions don't answer our Tech Line is open 8-6 m-t 8-5 f.
QUESTION:  Does this kit come in different colors? Also does it take up the entire wheel well that comes out with the old piece? Rear blinkers are always the question, if I wanted to put rear hide blinkers on the upper tail will there be holes left in the kit?
ANSWER:  All our kits are brushed stainless steel (NOT PAINTED). It only covers what is needed to conceal the cut to the black plastic. The signal brackets are seperate and do not have to be used.
QUESTION:  Where is the license plate relocated to?
ANSWER:  It's tucked at about a 45 degree angle just below the taillight.
QUESTION:  Does the kit use the original tail light assembly so an aftermarket turn signal eliminator can be used? And does this kit retain the seat lock, or the ability to lock the seat?
ANSWER:  It's designed for stock lighting. The "Assimilator" works great w/ it. This kit simply relocates the stock lock.
QUESTION:  Does this kit utilize the OEM rear blinkers, or does it come with new ones?? If it uses the originals, what would you recommend as a replacement for the front and rear (so they match).
ANSWER:  The kit does retain the stock signals. Any of the after market short stalks will work as well, and can be matched up front w/ a front signal kit.
QUESTION:  I was curious as to what tools are required to install this kit? Do I need a dremel to cut plastic, any special wrenches or drills to cut holes? Is it difficult to install. I have a 2004 CBR600 F4i. Thank you.
ANSWER:  Normal hand tools, hack-saw blade, 1/4" drill bit/drill. Should take an hour and a half to install.
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